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5 Reasons to Become a Foster Carer

Posted on 20th April 2020 by

Choosing to become a foster carer can be a big decision, but one that can change the course of your life for the better. Coming to that decision, however, can be a big step and one that takes quite a bit of thinking about. But, there are plenty of reasons and incentives which you can add to your ‘do it’ side of your list for deciding whether or not to become a foster carer. So, here are 5 reasons to become a foster carer.


1) It Is Rewarding

It may seem like an obvious reason, but the fact is that fostering is a rewarding vocation and one that you can feel worthwhile doing on a daily basis. Every day, you get to see a child develop and grow from circumstances that aren’t necessarily the best. Fostering also helps to give you the chance to grow a community which is supportive and rallies in times of need or when you need extra support.

2) Empty Nesting

Do you feel that your home is a little empty? Either because your own children are grown up and left, or you simply don’t have anyone living with you, then filling the space with children in need can be the perfect solution. Laughter, love and warmth from your foster children can help to bring new life to an empty nest.

3) There is a Big Demand

Children who need foster parents in the UK number at nearly 83,000. At the least, 30,000 more children come into foster care every year and are in need of foster parents. As such, there tends to be many more foster children than there are homes and foster parents for them. The plain and simple demand for parents is one of the biggest reason to consider become a foster carer.

4) Become a Foster Carer, Share a Home

In the modern world, many children are not experiencing the start in life that they deserve. Opening your home to these children is not only a kind thing to do, but it also opens up your home to laughter, love and many more good memories to enjoy with the inclusion of these children. Fostering provides new experiences, for both you and the child, as well as giving you the warmth and love of a full home.

5) It’s a Career

So many people consider fostering to be a charitable thing to do. But, very few consider the fact that it could be the career in childcare that they have always dreamt of. If you are put off fostering because you feel it would involve ‘giving up’ work then you couldn’t be further from the truth. Fostering is also not a job that you can leave at home at the end of the day, your child is home with you constantly. As such, it is a very demanding career and as such every bit as rewarding as any other ‘typical’ career when you become a foster carer.

The associated fostering allowance is also a great way to support yourself and your foster children, as with any career.

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