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Building Self Esteem in Children

Posted on 4th August 2017 by

Building self esteem in children is never an easy task. Many children go through stages of low self-esteem, anxiety and pressure. For foster children, all of these negative feelings of low self-worth are usually heightened. Due to poor circumstances most of these children won’t have had the best start to life and moving into an unfamiliar environment can often lead to these feelings developing. If you are ever in need contact your fostering agency.

Here are some tips on building self esteem in children so that you can bring the best out in your foster child

Spend Quality Time With Them

As you spend more time with your foster child, they will begin to learn to trust again which will naturally bring out their confidence. So, make sure you plan fun and engaging activities every week that will really provide the attention and love that your foster child will need after what will have been a very tough time in their life. This new confidence will also help them feel more comfortable in their new environment. From here it will be more likely they will express their feelings openly to you and this will give you the opportunity to help them in learning and growing.


As a foster parent, it is really important that you make your foster child feel valued, as it is unlikely this is something they would have experienced before. Praising your child is a great way to build confidence, especially if it is response to something they fear doing. Try not to over praise and patronise your foster child by making sure that the praise is well directed. Although it will take time and patience, if you give your love and support throughout they will develop day by day. This is one of the best ways that you can start building self esteem in children.

Let Them Help Out

It will be really tempting for you to want to jump in and do everything for your foster child when they feel nervous and anxious. Although it may be a good idea to give your foster child sufficient time to adjust to their new environment, giving them responsibility will really help boost their confidence. By giving your foster child the chance to help out around the house, they will be able to show their competence and feel that what they are contributing is valuable to their environment. Even simple things like making their bed, laying the table and helping to cook are simple tasks they may not have experienced before due to their dysfunctional family environment.

Be Confident Yourself

Fostering a child is not an easy process. There will be times when you feel upset, frustrated and angry but you should try your best not to show these emotions in front of your foster child. Firstly, they may feel as if they are being a burden as they are making you feel this way which will ultimately crush their confidence. Also, the image that you reflect to your foster child will have a serious effect on their feelings and emotions. The best way forward would be to not mask your feelings as you are still human and your child will be able to see through fake happiness, but accept that things will improve and you need to stay strong for the sake of your foster child. After all, the journey they have already been on will have had a profound effect, so just remember that and be patient. If you need any support along the way, feel free to contact us. If you would like to transfer to us, we will offer you a team that will go the extra mile for any of your needs and it is an easy process.


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