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Can I Foster if I’m a Single Parent?

Posted on 4th February 2017 by

We often get asked questions like this here at Lorimer. People often assume that there will be so many barriers between them and becoming a foster parent, but it really isn’t the case.

The ideal characteristics of a foster parent are patience, a nurturing disposition and a desire to help and care for children. As long as you possess these qualities, matters like age, relationship status, gender or sexuality cease to be an issue.

The single most important thing is that you are giving a child a caring home and space that they can call their own. So, if you feel that you can create an affectionate and calming environment in which a child can thrive, you can consider becoming a foster parent – whether you are single or not!

Fostering as a single parent is very much a possibility and can be truly rewarding for both the parent and the child, particularly if it’s an alternative for someone who has not been able to have children despite wanting them.

With this said, being a foster parent is difficult, and can be even more challenging if you are facing it on your own. You will have your own set of challenges to confront, but at Lorimer we’re always here to support you in your choice to become a foster parent, regardless of your marital status.

So many people believe they can’t become a foster parent due to the fact that they are single, as they believe that having two foster parents is better for the child. This just isn’t the case, and having one foster parent that cares for and supports a child is better than growing up in a harmful, unloving environment.

Fostering a child means devoting a huge amount of your time to looking after a child that needs you. This calls into play your social life, working life and your time to yourself. It’s not something that anyone should ever undertake on a whim. There is a lot of help out there available to foster parents, but it still remains hard work, no matter how rewarding it is.

If you are single, and want to become a foster parent, all that you need is a spare room and to be over the age of 21. You can read more about the requirements here.

Alternatively, you can give our helpful team a call to discuss your options. We want everyone who wants to be involved in changing the life of a child to feel that they can do so. If you have love to offer, please contact us today.


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