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Celebrating Sons and Daughters Month

Posted on 4th October 2017 by

It’s the time of year again when as well as getting excited for Autumn and Halloween, we take time to celebrate the wonderful sons and daughters in our foster families.

Every year in October, fostering services around the UK recognise the children and young people that welcome fostered children into their lives. As we do every year, Lorimer aresupporting Sons and Daughters Month alongside The Fostering Network,  in an effort to encourage our fostering families to show their pride in fostering!

There are so many ways being a sibling in a foster family can impact your life, and there are so many reasons we should appreciate all young people in foster families. Being a foster sibling can have a big effect on almost every aspect of their lives. It’s sometimes easy to forget that they really do play a massive role in welcoming fostered children into their home. They often enable successful fostering placements.

The impact that a foster placement may have on a birth child is often one of the aspects that put people off when they’re thinking about becoming a foster carer. People are often worried about whether their children will be able to cope sharing their mum and dad with a stranger, or whether it could disrupt their own child’s behaviour or school work.

In reality, many children actually massively benefit from being part of a foster family. Having the opportunity to see life from someone else’s perspective can a humbling experience and can sons and daughters become more empathetic people.

If you want to get involved, you can print off this #ProudToFoster banner and hold it up for a photograph. You can share this photo on social media and use the hashtag #ProudToFoster to try and raise awareness of the wonderful work you do as a foster family.

At Lorimer Fostering, we send out special ‘thank yous’ to the birth children in our foster families during Sons and Daughters month, to show our huge appreciation of the love and support these children give to their foster brothers and sisters!



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