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Creating The Perfect Playroom Décor

Posted on 23rd July 2018 by

Giving your children a place to use their imagination is vital when it comes to your child’s development, helping them to learn and grow. The key to designing the perfect playroom décor for your children is tailoring it to their needs. A playroom should be a place in your house where your children can relax and have fun in a safe environment. Here’s a look at some ideas for creating a wonderful space for your kids:



A playroom will help you to nurture your child’s creativity and cognitive development; it should be a fun and exciting space filled with toys and games. It’s never easy to keep organised with a child around the house, but there are ways you can help to keep the room tidy. Investing in some storage units like shelves or toy boxes is a great way to add storage to the room. You can buy them or make them yourself; painting them in bright, bold colours to keep in with the aesthetics of the room. Label the storage boxes and make a game out of tidying everything away!


Characters and Colour

Children go through phases of their favourite film or book character, so keeping the room alive and fun when it comes to playroom décor can be challenging. Avoid painting the walls, as their preferences may soon change. Instead, keep them a neutral white. The plain walls will make the colours pop in your other decorations. Having a table and chairs is ideal for a playroom. Giving your children an allocated space to paint and play; avoiding crayons across the walls! Use bright and cheery colours when it comes to furniture and decorations to make this a happy learning environment.


Art and Creativity

Encouraging your child’s creativity in vital in the early stages of their life. Therefore, you should find ways to let your child express themselves. A great way to get their creative juices flowing is by installing a blackboard, equipped with coloured chalks and wipe clean eraser. You could also use a sticker board, wipe clean mat and clipboards to hold artwork on the walls. Have a separate space in your storage boxes for all the art equipment to ensure it’s all kept together.


Whichever way you choose to design your playroom décor, have fun with it and remember the purpose of the room – to play! Ask your children what sort of things they’d like to see in their playroom and work together to create a space they will love. No doubt you’ll need to adapt the room as the children grow older, but the recurring theme should always be to encourage creativity and learning.


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