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Everything you need to know about Emergency Foster Care

Posted on 21st August 2017 by

Want to know more about emergency foster care? Are you someone who can provide a calming, loving and safe place to stay at short notice? Here we have a basic overview of what is involved in emergency foster care to help you decide if it’s something you’d like to pursue…

Emergency foster care placements provide shorter-term care for children and young people may need somewhere to stay at short notice. These children may be entering care because their home environment is unsafe or perhaps because their parents or carers are suffering from physical or mental health problems.

Of course, the circumstances vary but children may have been removed from their parents because of a number of issues. These are often made at times of crisis for families or when a child’s safety can only be guaranteed by being placed with a foster family.

Due to the speed that these decisions are made they are likely to be unplanned, and may often be made on an evening or weekend. It is difficult to say how long the child will then stay with you but it is generally only for a few days or weeks before more permanent plans are made.

What do you need to know about emergency foster care?

Emergency foster carers have a very important part to play in helping children to feel safe and secure at a very hard time in their lives.

Are you the type of person who can provide a calming and supportive space for a child in need? If so, it’s likely you could find this type of fostering particularly rewarding.

Children who enter emergency foster care can sometimes have additional needs such as displaying challenging behaviors or having physical or learning disabilities. Young babies may be suffering from substance withdrawal and require extra care and soothing

Whatever age children are when they are removed from their homes, they’re probably going to be frightened and anxious, and you could help them to feel calmer and cared for. So, if you would like more information about becoming a foster carer and emergency foster care, please contact our friendly team.


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