Exercise for Kids : How to Encourage your Foster Child to Exercise

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Exercise for Kids : How to Encourage your Foster Child to Exercise

Posted on 31st August 2017 by

Finding time for exercise as an adult is hard enough, but fitting in exercise for kids in their busy routines can seem impossible!

Aside from keeping your body fit, exercise can have huge benefits on your overall health. Reducing stress, releasing endorphins, and also giving you  some time to yourself to reflect on things – exercise can make you a much happier and more balanced person.

So if it can do that do you as an adult, imagine the wonderful impact it can have on a foster child? Not only will encouraging your foster child to exercise make them more likely to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle in later life, it will also help them channel any negative energy they may have. Sports and exercises for children gives them something to work at and to feel good about.

So here are a few ideas to help your foster family make exercising a family activity that’s fun, motivating and healthy….

Walk the dog…

Obviously, this only works if you have one, but using the family dog as a motivator can be a good way to get your children to do some exercising. Instead of running him quickly around the block, find a great walking trail and make a day of it once or twice a week!

See what they enjoy!

Your foster child may already have a favourite exercise, but have been too shy to tell you about it. Whether it’s football, or hockey, you should try and encourage them to join groups and get into the sport. Find out what their friends do and enjoy and encourage them to get involved.

Invite their friends…

Speaking of friends, you can invite your foster children’s friends over at the weekends or after school and encourage them all to exercise. Whether it’s a game of rounders in the park or a football match in the garden, it will be a lot easier to get your foster child doing some exercise if they are in a group.


Make your Saturday mornings productive and worthwhile with a 5k run! It’s totally free and there are people of all ages and fitness levels there. You’ll have a great time and your foster child will be encouraged by their progress every week.

Make it FUN!

Without a doubt the hardest part of finding time to exercise for kids is that it’s not fun! Keeping them engaged and making it fun isn’t easy, but it is possible. If you force them into a sport or exercise they really hate, you may put them off for life, so try and make it as fun as possible for them.


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