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Fun Gardening Ideas for Children

Posted on 16th July 2018 by

The weather is heating up and the sunshine is here to stay (fingers crossed), so there’s no better time to get the kids interested in the gardening. If you have trouble tearing your child away from their games console then fear not, they’ll be itching to get involved with these fun gardening ideas.

1. Give Them Their Own Patch

There’s something special about nurturing plants, especially for children, as they begin to understand how to take care of a living thing. There are plenty of ways to give children their very own space in the garden. It can be as simple as gathering some old bits of wood and creating a circle or area by your flowerbed, then putting down some compost ready for growing herbs and plants. It’s a great idea to plant some tasty treats such as strawberries or tomatoes so they can enjoy the fruits of their labour!

2. Creating A Fairy Garden

Head down to your local gardening centre, or scour your garden for a plant tray, to cater for your child’s very own fairy garden. Line the bottom of the tray with some soil from your garden. You can then collect twigs and leaves to create the ‘fairy house’ and surround it with their favourite toys, stones and flower heads. Kids love to get creative in the garden, this is a lovely idea to encourage their imagination.

3. Feed The Birds

Our list of children’s garden ideas doesn’t stop at planting; why not feed the birds with a homemade bird feeder? All you’ll need is a toilet roll tube, some peanut butter, and a selection of nuts and seeds safe for birds. Roll the tube in the peanut butter, then spread the nuts and seeds across the table and roll it once more in the mix. Attach it to a tree or post by inserting a hole in the tube and tying a piece of string around it.

4. Paint A Picture

Use some vegetables from the garden to create a pretty printed picture. Firstly, collect fruit and vegetables you grow in your garden such as potatoes, carrots and apples and cut them all in half and/or quarters. Then, pick out some coloured paint and arrange the colours on a tray so you can dip in an out of each colour. Use a large piece of A3 paper preferably, so there’s more room for printing!

5. Painted Plant Pots

Keeping in with the painting theme, why not try your hands at decorating some clay plant pots and add a personal touch to your garden? Small clay plant pots can be found at your local gardening centre. Jazz the pot up with some glitter, sequins, and other wonderous things you find in the garden.

So, there you have it, a range of fun gardening ideas for children to keep them occupied this summer. All of these activities are great for kids on their own, for siblings or for getting creative with their friends! For further support at this time of year, you can always contact us if you need any help.


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