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New Year, New Job? Could fostering be your most rewarding role yet?

Posted on 5th January 2018 by

The turn of the new year makes us all assess ourselves and our lives. It’s the busiest time for gyms up and down the country, with people joining hoping to get fitter in the new year. It’s when we all get our healthy shops in, hoping to eat better. It’s also the most popular time for companies to hire new recruits, and for people to leave their jobs for pastures greener.

But what if your new job wasn’t in an office or a shop, a building site, or a factory? What if your new job started in your own home?

Fostering is a vocation – and you should only start fostering because you want to help a child or young person change their lives. However, with the income you earn fostering a child with Lorimer, you could receive up to £500 a week. This allows you to leave your job and out 100% of your time, love and energy into helping your foster child.

So, could you change a child’s life in 2018?

Becoming a foster carer is a process that will provide you with many years of special memories, rewarding challenges and a family grow and change throughout the years. A child’s life should be full of happiness, love and support. When you let a foster child into your life, you could be the person to provide all of these things.

Although many children taken into care will have started life with some difficulties, providing them with a loving, family home will set them on to a path to success in later life. Fostering a child will help allow them to grow and flourish, giving them the best possible start in life.

Some families choose to provide foster care full time, but there are a variety of other ways you can care for young people.

Short-term fostering

Permanent fostering

Shared care

Leaving Care Services (Supported Caring)

You can find out more about how much foster carers get paid here, and you can also find out about what kind of fostering would best suit you here. 

If you want to truly make a difference this year and foster a child, you can contact Lorimer today here.


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