Spotlight on Specialist Fostering: Mother and Baby

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Spotlight on Specialist Fostering: Mother and Baby Care

Posted on 12th February 2018 by

There has been a huge push in recent years to encourage more people into fostering. However, there is a still a lot more that could be done to promote awareness of specialist fostering placements. One type of fostering that not many people know about is mother and baby fostering. This kind of placement may also be known as parent and child fostering. Mother and baby fostering can help to keep young parents and their children together. As a foster carer, you could have a huge impact on a young mother’s life and help her to become an excellent mum.

What is mother and baby fostering?

This type of specialist foster care involves giving a home to a young mother and helping her to care for her infant. Without this vital care, mother and baby can be separated and given limited access, which is very traumatic for the mother and child. With mother and baby fostering, you have the chance to pass on your parenting skills to a young mother and help guide her into parenthood.

Who is suitable for mother and baby fostering?

As this is a specialist form of foster care, you will need to demonstrate experience of caring for babies as well as teenagers. Both have very distinct needs and will need your support to ensure the success of the placement. You will need to be patient, understanding and willing to work with the mother to pass on your knowledge and expertise. This can be difficult when the mother still considers herself to be a child.

What is involved with mother and baby fostering?

Just like any other fostering placement, you will have a young person living in your home. The difference is that this young person will also have their own child living with them. If the mother is still in school or college, you may be required to help with childcare duties during the day. You will be teaching the mother a whole range of essential life skills that will allow her to build a life for her and her child. This might include managing household tasks, caring for her child and providing for her family. Without this essential support, the mother and baby may be separated or they will be placed in residential care which does not provide the same level of support to help the mother become self sufficient.

What training is available?

At Lorimer Fostering, we specialise in special placements and support our foster carers with a tailored programme of learning. We understand that this is a unique type of fostering placement and provide round the clock support to help our foster carers to make the most of their opportunities. If you’re interested in becoming a mother and baby foster carer with Lorimer fostering, get in touch today to arrange an informal chat.


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