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Summer Staycation Ideas for Your Foster Children

Posted on 27th March 2018 by

With summer coming up shortly, it’s that time of the year in which you should plan something entertaining with your Foster Children. These are some fantastic staycation ideas for your summer, with little to no budget and a fostering allowance to help you, it is super easy to plan.

The Beach Is Always A Good Idea

The beach is always fun, no matter what. This summer, how about a big beach day with outdoor activities like football, beach volley and a treasure hunt in the afternoon, maybe? It’s super fun for them and at the same time, it is very easy to plan, you can literally decide to go the day itself! Don’t forget the sunscreen!

A Cornwall Staycation

Let’s be precise this time, not just any beach, but Cornwall in particular. Not only the Land’s End promontory but the entire peninsula is absolutely stunning for a quick day trip (or not, if you’re in the North West – still worth it though!). Combined with some sunny southern weather also? Sold!

London For A Day

Not feeling the beach plan? No worries, how about a day trip to London? It’s usually a great experience, in particular, if you are planning to go and see all the major tourist attractions: Big Ben, Tower Bridge, The Palace of Westminster and The National Gallery, just to name a few. This could be a bit expensive since London is not renowned for being cheap, but it is fantastic and super worth it for the experience.

The Lake District Hike

With nearly 900 square miles of lakes, forests and mountains, the breathtaking beauty of the Lake District is the perfect antidote to the pressures of city living, and it’s super good for kids!

Take An Edinburgh Mini-Break

With the incredible Medieval Old Town and the fantastic Georgian new town, this historic hotspot offers modern shops set against a backdrop of stunning architecture, rugged hills and its imposing castle looming large over the city. There’s even a spooky ghost tour for the braver kids in your party. This is a very nice idea, don’t underestimate it!

The Highlands

Seemingly untouched by human hand, this is a magical land where time stands still. This is a very nice pick since kids might have been trapped in the modern, busy, polluted city environment. Camping here is not only a fantastic idea but also a very refreshing and relaxing pick for a couple of days, with plenty of possible activities, like biking for example. Pay attention though as this is a very wild area and it could be dangerous!


With all of this in mind, there are plenty of things for you and the children in your care to get up to as a foster parent this summer.


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