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Summer Holiday Tips!

Posted on 20th July 2016 by

With the summer well and truly upon us, it’s time to start thinking about how you can keep children and teenagers entertained over the summer holidays! Without proper planning and careful consideration, you could find yourself spending a lot of money unnecessarily and struggling for ideas!

It can often be a real challenge to find stimulating things for you and your foster child to enjoy during the extra time you will spend together over these months.

Here we have a mix of free and paid-for ideas, so you’ll hopefully find some inspiration that helps you stretch your budget while enjoying a summer of fun!

Staying indoors?

We’re under no illusion that here in the North we’re going to be lucky enough to have the sunshine every day during the summer. On the days that the heavens to open, it can be a real opportunity to help give your foster child some life skills, like cooking, baking, and crafting! Pick out some yummy and simple recipes, many their favourite meal, and teach them how to cook it. Or if you’re handy with a needle and thread, teach them how to knit or sew! This can help you bond, and will help boost your foster child’s confidence. We also think a lazy summer day when it’s miserable outside is great when spent in front of the telly! Pick out a few of yours and your foster child’s fave films, get some snacks and relax!

Local activities

In the northwest, we are lucky enough to have loads of museums that are suitable for all ages! Many museums offer free entry for children or run low-cost exhibitions complemented by special events programmes throughout the summer, so check local listings to see if there’s anything that you can take advantage of. Your local library is also a good place to look for free fun without travelling too far or having to spend a lot of money. Another great idea is to enjoy a picnic in the park together. Again, the northwest is spoilt for choice when it comes to parks and recreational spaces!

Day Trips

Having time to get out and about to do new things is one of the plus points about the holidays, but with the cost of days out soon stacking up, it’s wise to space out some more exciting trips throughout the break. We hear all the time about how the British seaside resort is dwindling, so why not take a trip and find out for yourself! This is a fab idea because children and adults alike of all ages can enjoy and appreciate the seaside. You could look at paying a visit to the countryside or even a theme park. Many of the popular ones a have special offers over the summer holidays which can reduce the cost of your day.

This should help you avoid any holiday boredom with your foster child and keep them occupied! If you have any questions about your summer plans for your foster child, or any other aspect of fostering, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help!


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