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Top Tips for a Summer Day Out with a Foster Child

Posted on 18th May 2018 by

Summer is almost upon us, which means ice cream, long days playing in the sun and probably a lot of squabbling over where to and what to do first. Arranging for a day out in the summer can often feel more like organising a military operation, with a precise battle plan needed. But, fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way.

So, what do you need to do in order to ensure you are ready for your next summer day out with your foster child?

Prep is the Key

Do you prep for a summer day out the night before? This is your first mistake. Prep needs to begin well in advance of

For the best deals and cheapest prices on tickets you ideally need to look months in advance. Searching online, in your local papers and similar for deals and voucher codes can also be a great idea. Particularly for zoos, adventure parks and other child-orientated activities. If you are travelling via public transport – especially on trains – then booking in advance can also save you lots of money.

Plan the Journey

Colouring books, toys, reading the material and even a handheld gaming system; always bring more than you need when it comes to keeping your foster child occupied throughout the journey. The more planned the journey, the less you will hear the dreaded phrase, “Are we there yet?”

If you are the only adult driving on a long journey, then it is also important to consider taking regular breaks and stops at service stations to avoid a build-up of fatigue. It can also give your kids a chance to stop and stretch their legs also, which might prevent any unnecessary whining or unhappiness (key word here is might).

Snacks, drinks and other sources of sustenance are also a must. So, be sure to fill up the car/bag before you set off.

Have Enough Eyes and Ears

Whether you are at the beach, park or busy theme park, knowing where your foster child is at all times is vital. If you are the only responsible adult in your group then being alert is non-negotiable.

Food Rules

Hungry children are only ever a step away from starting a small battle right there on your nice summer day out. For that reason, knowing when, where and what you are eating on a day trip can be a true saving grace. Plus, pre-planning in this way can help to save you from a lot of arguments.

…And, Relax!

And there you have it! Survived a day out? Then now is the time to put the kids to bed, sit down with your favourite snack/beverage and give yourself a very well deserved pat on the back. You’re not guaranteed a stress-free experience, as you never know what tribulations will face you that day, but you can make it a lot easier on yourself by following these steps!


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