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What to do with Teens this Halloween

Posted on 31st October 2016 by

Halloween is tricky when your teenagers are a little too old for old school trick-or-treating, but too young to head out partying with friends.
We think that teenagers should still be able to enjoy celebrating Halloween in all of its spooky glory, no matter what their age. Crazy costumes, spooky thrills and even sweets and chocolate shouldn’t be confined to under-12’s. Here are a few of our ideas for you to keep your teens occupied this Halloween.

Hand Out the Treats
If your house gets a lot of trick-or-treaters, it can be fun for you and your teenager to dress up in scary costumes and hand out treats! Your teenager can add some extra spooky sound effects or decorate the front of your home to add to the ambiance. Trick-or-treating usually happens in the early evening so this option can be combined with other halloweeny treats, such as a pumpkin-carving or movie party at your house..

Throw a Party!
Whether it’s an informal gathering with a few friends with some scary movies and popcorn, or a pumpkin-carving party, there are a number of fun home-based parties you can throw for your teens. How about an all-night spooky slumber party or a fancy affair complete with full costumes and fearsome treats? A Halloween party offers teens a chance for age-appropriate fun. It’s a good idea to let your teenager decide what kind of party to throw and let the handle the planning. This will help to keep them excited!

Take Care of Youngsters!

This is a wonderful way for you to give your teenager some extra responsibility by taking care of their younger siblings or family friends. They can chaperone younger kids as they go trick-or-treating or to other Halloween events. This is also a great excuse for mini-me costumes! Think Red Riding Hood and the wolf, Batman and Robin, Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper etc. This option is of course only suitable for older teens who are actually ready for the responsibility. Make sure that your teenager has a phone with them that is fully charged and emergency contact numbers to call.

This can sometimes be a difficult period as teens want to experience some freedom and head out with their friends, but it’s important to remind them that Halloween can be just as fun enjoyed with family. By planning an activity that they will enjoy, you’re less likely to see them acting out.


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