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Why you should foster siblings

Posted on 20th July 2017 by

You probably only considered taking in one child at a time when you decided to become a foster parent. It can be scary enough to take on one child, so the thought of fostering two, three or possibly more young children at the same time can be pretty terrifying. Because of this, sadly, thousands of siblings end up being separated when they go into foster care.

This can affect the children quality of life, and even have an impact on their mental health.

Taking in siblings isn’t just beneficial for the children, but it can also be a truly great experience for the carer. If you’ve not considered taking in children with brothers or sisters before, then below you’ll discover a few reasons that might change your mind…

Quicker adjustment time…

Siblings that are kept together often adjust easier to their new foster home. A key concern for many foster carers is how the child will settle in, and while all carers are provided with full support and training, it can still be a daunting accepting a child into your home for the first time.

Studies have shown that siblings who are kept together settle into foster care more quickly. If you want more information on helping your foster child settle read our blog about it here.

You may have a stronger bond with them…

As siblings are often happier and more comfortable when they are kept together, they are like to adjust quicker and therefore develop a better bond with you. They will feel more as ease and will have more trust in you, as they won’t be alone or isolated.

It’s rewarding…

Helping out any vulnerable child is a rewarding experience. However, with siblings, you can make a difference to not just one child, but a family! While it is more challenging taking in more than one child at a time, but the rewards more than make up for the extra work.

Also, if you do decide to take on siblings, your fostering allowance will compensate for this. You’ll also have an excellent support system available, as well as be provided with full and detailed training to ensure you have the necessary skills.

Overall fostering siblings is a wonderful experience that really does make a significant difference to the children, not just in the short term, but in the long-term also. Think you have the time and space to help keep siblings together? Contact is today.


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