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Payments & Allowances

Our Commitment to you

We entirely support the idea of professional foster carers. As such we offer a professional package of both support and financial benefits. It is why we are one of the best fostering agencies in the North West.

Allowances and Payments

We offer generous fostering earnings and allowances which take into account the demands of looking after a foster child and the costs involved in ensuring they are well looked after and are treated no differently to other children.

You can expect to receive the following weekly allowances per child:

  • £400 per week for one child in placement
  • £355 per week for a multiple placement, i.e. for your second and third child

What is my Allowance for?

Foster carer allowances are split into two parts; the child element which is to cover the cost of looking after a child and everything that goes with it and the professional element which is a recognition of your hard work as a foster carer.

The child element varies in amounts dependent on the age of the child you are looking after but it would cover things like:

  • Their food
  • Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Leisure activities

Do I get paid extra at Christmas & Birthdays?

Yes. We know how expensive it can be to buy presents these days so another financial benefits we offer is to pay additional money, per child, at Christmas or other religious festivals and again when it is the child’s birthday to help ease the costs for you.

Do Foster Carers pay tax?

Foster carers are classed as self-employed so whichever type of foster carer route you choose take, there is a certain tax relief you will experience from the process. You will still need to pay tax but it will be of very little amount as there is a tax exemption of £10,000 per year. This means that you will be allowed to earn up to £10,000 per year, through fostering earnings, before you will have to pay a penny in tax. You may also be able to receive tax reliefs on anything you have earned over the £10,000 but it will all depend on your financial circumstances.

As you are self-employed you will need to complete a tax return each year.