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There is a huge shortage of foster families and at least 8,000 new Foster Carers are needed right now to provide safety and care for vulnerable children and young people. You could really make an impact. Share your experiences and knowledge with others and put them in touch with us if they want to explore fostering further.

Find a Family Marketing Pack

If you would like to help promote Find a Family to others, you can use this useful marketing pack we have put together. It includes lots of images, videos, phrases & tips for you to post on your social media.

Just click here to view and download the content that is available.

Referral Form

If you know someone who is interested in fostering, please submit their details using the form below (with their permission) and we will get in touch with them to discuss becoming a Foster Carer with Lorimer.

As a thank you, you’ll receive:

  • £100 when they start their assessment and
  • a further £900 when they are approved as Foster Carers

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