Independent Fostering Agencies - Lorimer Fostering

Lorimer - At the heart of fostering

Lorimer Fostering is an Independent Fostering Agency (IFA). Foster agencies have been used for over 20 years to provide suitable families for looked after children. There is currently a huge shortage of up to 8,000 foster carers in the UK and Independent Fostering Agencies like Lorimer play a vital role in providing much-needed placements for young people.

At Lorimer Fostering we only focus on providing the absolute best support possible, and we have the skills and time to devote solely to our foster carers.

That’s why our foster carers choose to foster with us and why so many of our foster carers stay – because of the unique relationship that we are able to share with them.

Whether you are someone thinking about applying to foster or an experienced carer wanting to perhaps change service provider or agency, you should never be afraid to ask plenty of questions. You invest a lot of time and emotion in fostering and it is important to feel comfortable with the people you work with, be given an allowance you can live on, and know there is someone who can competently advise and support you when necessary.