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If you are interested in becoming a foster carer, or changing the agency you are with you face an ever increasing choice of agencies, both public and private, and it is important that you choose the agency that is right for you.

Throughout this web-site, and our application literature, we have told you what we think about the quality of service we offer to foster carers, local authorities and the children in our care. However, we would prefer you to judge us on what other people have said about us:

“This is the most efficient service I have received in 15 years of fostering”

Ms. J (current LFS carer)

“We have had lots of help from Lorimer . . . they are excellent to have on our side”

Mrs F (current LFS carer)

“They have . . . a really good 24 hour back-up system which we have used late of an evening with excellent results. I wouldn’t be with any other company”

Mrs. A (current carer)

“I would like to take this opportunity to say that in the matching process for ‘Ms. X’ it could not have been better. ‘Ms. X’ has settled well, she has gained so much confidence and has received excellent support throughout her time in the foster placement”

Local Authority Social Worker, October 07

“I wish to thank them so much for putting a smile back on my face. That’s all thanks to my foster parents”

Young person in placement, October 07

” ‘X’ has been accepted into the family and shown a great deal of love and care. Mr and Mrs M are an excellent example of very caring carers. I cannot speak highly enough of them. They are all the very best you could wish of in carers”

Local Authority Social Worker, December 07

“Ms. P provides excellent care, within a warm, stimulating environment.”

Local Authority Social Worker, January 07

” ‘X’ has thrived in their care and despite his difficulties is growing into a young man with opportunities for the future. This is to Mr & Mrs L’s credit.”

Local Authority Social Worker, September 07

“The support has been excellent in difficult times. We are very grateful for all the help and support from Lorimer”

Ms. L & Mr P (current LFS carers)