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Referral Form

Lorimer Foster Services are passionately committed to making the best placements possible for all young people. As part of this we would endeavour, wherever possible, to make planned placements with introductory visits. However, there are some occasions when this is not realistically possible, due to emergency situations and unforeseen circumstances.

We therefore operate a 24 hour referral line, 08701 20 35 25, and are always happy to help. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the needs of all placed children, and equally the needs of local authorities and you can be certain of a swift and professional response to any queries you may have.

Alternately you can complete our Fostering Referral Form or email the Placements Manager (Allison Stone) directly at:

If a referral is made that is not felt to be appropriate for any of our foster carers, we also have the ability to refer it to our residential service if this is felt to be of benefit. This can be for a period of assessment, prior to a planned move to a foster placement, or as a more long term placement.