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Preparing your spare bedroom for a foster child

Preparing your Spare Bedroom for a Foster Child

Starting your journey as a Foster Carer can be fun, exciting and just a little bit scary. You never know what type of children will come through your door and occupy your spare bedroom. This is why preparing your spare bedroom for a foster child is so important. Making your new foster child feel as at home and comfortable in their new space should be a priority.

So, with that in mind, what do you need to do in order to prepare your spare bedroom for an incoming foster child?

Colour Scheme

You never know if your next foster child will be a boy or girl, so having a neutral theme to your décor is vital in order to make whoever steps through the door feel welcome. Having everything a more neutral eggshell green or light yellow may be the best option. Gender neutral schemes allow for any foster child to feel welcome and at home in a space; without accidentally excluding a child who may feel uncomfortable in a gendered room.

Give them space for their things

Of course filling a space full of toys, books and other fun things is a good way to ensure your new foster child has plenty of things to do. But, you should also consider the fact that they will almost certainly need space in order to make a place for their stuff. Whether it is a collection of rocks, a pile of random magazines or even just a small teddy, leaving room for their own sentimental items is the only way to ensure the child begins to feel like this new bedroom space is ‘theirs’.

Don’t overwhelm

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a new foster parent is to overwhelm your foster child. In many cases, the child will not want a big pile of toys and other knick-knacks crowding them upon arrival. Though a generous thought, it can often feel more like charity than something specifically for them. A clean, tidy, bedroom is often much more preferable in the long term.

In order to avoid this, create a good selection of toys, books and games for any child to enjoy when they come to stay in your spare room. But, also offer any new child the option to get something specifically for themselves. That way they can enjoy the space fully and the fun of having their own special toy.

Of course, providing a loving and hospitable environment for your new foster child consists of a lot more than bedroom décor. But, it is a good place to start in order to ensure that any child that enters your home has the best space available for them to relax and feel safe.

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