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Information about Respite Foster Care

Find out everything you need to know about Respite Fostering on this page.

What is Respite Foster Care?

Respite foster care is a short-term foster care arrangement designed to provide families with a break from the responsibilities of caring for children and young people. Respite care can be provided for a few hours, days, or weeks, allowing foster carers time to take care of other needs or to just rest and recharge. Respite foster care is available through many providers and can include overnight or weekend stays, or longer-term placements.

What do Respite Foster Carers do?

Respite foster carers provide temporary care for children in foster care. They provide a safe and nurturing environment for children while their main foster carers take a break, are on holiday, or are unable to care for the child due to illness or other reasons. Respite foster carers provide a home-like atmosphere, and can provide emotional, physical, and educational support for the children in their care.

How is Respite Foster Care Different from Normal Foster Care?

Respite foster care is short-term care that provides relief to regular foster parents. It is usually used in cases when the regular foster parents are away or need a break from the daily challenges of caring for a foster child. It is often provided by another family on a volunteer basis and can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Normal foster care, on the other hand, is usually a long-term placement with the intent of providing a stable, permanent home to the child. The foster parents may be the child’s legal guardians, and the child may remain in their care for months or even years.

How do you Become a Respite Foster Carer?

To become a respite foster carer, you must meet the same requirements as a traditional foster carer. This includes being over 21 years old, having a safe, suitable environment for the child to stay in, and undergoing an assessment process. Additionally, respite foster carers must pass the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and have a spare bedroom in their home for a child to make their own.

Is there Training Available for Respite Foster Carers?

Yes, as a respite foster carer for Lorimer you will receive regular training and support. Before you are approved as a respite carer you are required to complete a Skills to Foster training course which is run over two or three days or evenings. This training typically includes 6 sessions covering topics such as; understanding the needs of children in foster care, how to handle crises, and how to work with other professionals to achieve the best outcomes for the young person. Respite carers may also receive training on communication, trauma-informed care, and family dynamics.

How do I know if Respite Fostering is Right for me and my Family?

The best way to decide if respite fostering is right for you is to research the role and speak to a fostering agency or local authority to get more information. You should also make sure that you have the necessary support network in place and that you are physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for the role. You should also consider your current work and home commitments, and that you are able to devote enough time to the child or young person in your care.

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