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5 tips to prepare for exam results day

Posted on 21st August 2023 by

We at Lorimer understand that exam results day can be a stressful time for everyone, and that there may seem to be a lot riding on your young person’s grades. Whatever their outcomes, it’s vital to remember that there are numerous high-quality avenues into future study, employment, or a mix of the two.

1. Encourage your youngster to express their emotions.

Before the day of the results, start talking about your child’s future. This will allow them to address any concerns or hopes they may have and will help them feel more confident about their options once their results are received.

Encouraging Exam results

2. Celebrate your young person, regardless of the outcome.

Whatever grades your young person earns, results day comes after years of hard effort, so it’s critical that they feel appreciated.

Employers look for a variety of skills, and these credentials can lead to exciting options such as education, apprenticeships, work, travel, and more.

3. Encourage your youngster to communicate with another responsible adult.

A responsible adult, such as a teacher or a family member, can provide valuable perspective and advise.

Schools and institutions are also well-equipped to offer advice and guidance on next actions, and your young person’s teachers are usually their best initial point of contact.

4. Avoid comparing your young person to others.

Each child is unique, and so are their outcomes to exam results. Instead of comparing your child to family members or acquaintances, focus on their own individual accomplishments.

5. Allow your youngster to go at their own pace.

Your child may find it difficult to talk to you about their results, so be patient and helpful until they feel ready to explain how they feel. Encourage them to speak to their school. Help them prepare a backup plan before results day and to think about what they want to do next.

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