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A Fostering Agency that Cares

Posted on 23rd July 2021 by

Here at Lorimer Fostering, we pride ourselves on being a fostering agency that truly cares. Our young people, Foster Carers and staff are at the heart of everything we do; and we couldn’t be more proud of the things we achieve together as a team. We are all advocates for the fostering community, and we know that when united, we have the power to make a huge difference.

We wanted to take this opportunity to share a little bit with you about some of our wonderful team members; who all have their own unique reasons for wanting to be part of a fostering agency that cares.

A Fostering Agency that Cares


“I have worked for Lorimer for 18 years, and during this time I have seen Lorimer grow and I have had the pleasure of working with a lot of young people; helping them to understand their feelings and embrace the changes in their lives. 

That truly is the most rewarding part of my job; being able to see the changes the young people make. This gives me the drive and motivation to continue on caring and helping others. 

I have an amazing job as the young people are so amazing to work with. They are all different little stars that when embraced and cared for show their skills and all shine bright in their own ways.”


“I recently lost my beloved father and since then I haven’t stopped thinking with gratitude about how lucky I have been to have been raised in a loving and safe home environment and to have had an undeniable family support in hard and challenging times.

Every child deserves to have a warm and friendly place they call home where they feel protected and cared for. I am proud to be part of a team who are passionate about finding and maintaining good homes for children.”


“My Foster Carers have had the biggest impact on my life. They provided care, stability, love, advocated and believed in me throughout my journey.  I am forever grateful they gave me the best possible chance in life and every child deserves this opportunity!

& now I support prospective Foster Carers throughout their journey to approval! No matter what your care experience story – you can make a positive difference and achieve what you want.”


“I have loved every minute of caring for and working with children through my life in various capacities: as a nanny, as a volunteer with a special school and with the Scottish Autistic Society, as a school teacher and looking after young people in a residential care home. Through setting up Lorimer Fostering with my husband, I am immensely proud of what our fantastic team has achieved; our amazing Foster Carers have made a huge difference to so many children with all the care, support and security they provide.

I care because I’ve seen how things can go wrong in a child’s life, all too easily. I’ve seen how it impacts a child’s health, self-worth, personality and relationships, as well as their hopes and dreams. I hope that, through our work at Lorimer Fostering, we can continue to strive for the best outcomes for all children, to improve their chances in life and restore a sense of hope and happiness. This means so much to me.”

Our staff, along with our Foster Carers form part of team that cares; and together, we all make a difference in the lives of children and young people.

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