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A Rap about Fostering – #WhyWeCare

Posted on 19th May 2021 by

A Rap about Fostering - WhyWeCare

For Foster Care Fortnight this year, we asked our young people to think about the theme #WhyWeCare and be creative!

One young person has put together this very amazing rap that we are so excited to share with you; all about fostering, his lovely Foster Carers, and the fun activities he does with our wonderful Resource Manager Claire.

You can read it yourself below; we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

A Rap about Fostering

“Ok Ok let’s have it…
I got put in care,
Told I would be safe,
Wrote this up on May the Eighth,

Told I could go home,
but now it’s too late,
Lockdown happened and I aint gotta a mate!

Will I be happy?
Will I be sad?
All these questions left making me mad.

They send in this Claire,
but to be fair I just don’t care,
We go on walks, Loadsa talks,
It helps a bit, 
she defo keeps me fit!

Opening up means trusting others,
All a wanted was to see ma brothers,

I was so sad, it got me mad,
But I speak to Claire an were getting there.

My carer is mint,
one of the best,
But it’s time for me to go now an get some rest.
Peace out.”

Thank you so much to this very talented young person for writing this and sharing it with us.


We love reading things like this rap about fostering from our young people as it really does help to show just some of the many reasons about #WhyWeCare. If you would like to read more blogs from our young people, carers or staff; head over to our blog page.

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