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Birth Child Stories: Meet Hannah

Posted on 4th February 2019 by

Birth Child Stories

When people make the transition to become Foster Carers it doesn’t just have an impact on them, but it also impacts on the entire family including their own birth children. As a foster carer you are allocated a Supervising Social Worker to support you, as a looked after foster child you are allocated a Social Worker to support you too but for a birth child they can often feel invisible to social work agencies if the right support is not there for them! It is important for birth children to feel as if they have a voice when it comes to the fostering process. They should also be involved in decision making. Birth children of foster carers play a major role in the life of a looked after young person.

Below, we hear from birth child Hannah, whose parents have been Lorimer foster carers for just over a year now.

Meet Hannah

Hannah - Birth Child

Hello, my name is Hannah. I have been a part of a foster family for over a year now. I remember when my parents told me that they were going to foster. It wasn’t a shock to me as this is something I knew they have always wanted to do. Whilst in the process of it all my sisters and I got to meet with a social worker. We talked about our life growing up and discussed any questions we had. The first time I met my parents foster child it felt strangely normal. We all got along really well and she settled in very quickly.

It feels good to make them feel part of the family and at ease at a time that can be so tough for a foster child. If I had the opportunity to foster in the future I most definitely would. It may have its ups and downs but the outcome can be very rewarding!

Thank you to Hannah for sharing your story! And a big thank you to all of our foster siblings, for your hard work, love and support!

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