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Birth Child Stories: Meet Natasha

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When people make the transition to become Foster Carers it doesn’t just have an impact on them, but it also impacts on the entire family including their own birth children. As a foster carer you are allocated a Supervising Social Worker to support you, as a looked after foster child you are allocated a Social Worker to support you too but for a birth child they can often feel invisible to social work agencies if the right support is not there for them! It is important for birth children to feel as if they have a voice when it comes to the fostering process. They should also be involved in decision making. Birth children of foster carers play a major role in the life of a looked after young person. Reading birth child stories before becoming a foster carer can be very helpful.

Below, we hear from birth child Natasha, whose parents have been Lorimer foster carers for just over a year now.


Birth Child Stories

“Hello, my name is Natasha. My Mum and Dad have been fostering for just over a year with Lorimer Fostering. When they first told me they were going to be fostering I was so happy for them. My experience of meeting the Social Care Workers was interesting, listening and answering any questions they wanted to know about me and my childhood. I couldn’t of asked for it any better. I remember meeting their placement for the first time when my parents brought her to my house. It was so nice getting to know her and welcoming her in to our family.

I’ve never thought of fostering until my parents did, it’s so rewarding i’d like to do it myself one day. There’s a lot of challenges but all dealt with in the right way. There is more positives, too many to mention, but making someone else happy and loved makes us all so happy ourselves. We haven’t yet had to experience a foster child leaving. We know it’s a possibility and would miss them a lot. But we would hopefully stay in touch as they become a part of us.”

Thank you to Natasha for sharing your story! And a big thank you to all of our foster siblings, for your hard work, love and support!

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