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Being a birth-child in a family that fosters can often be a unique and rewarding experience. We’ve been speaking with some of our Foster Carers children to find out their birth child stories.

Zahraa’s parents have been Foster Carers for over five years now, and in the video below, she tells us all about their life as a foster family; the challenges they have faced and the obstacles they have overcome together.


“Hi, my name is Zahraa and I am seventeen years old. My parents have been Foster Carers for approximately five years now. One very important thing I’ve realised is that growing up I’ve been fortunate enough to never have to go through any struggles. However, over the past five years; I’ve been exposed to challenges people my age or even younger have had to go through.

That experience has taught me a lot in terms of what my ethics and values are. It has also allowed me to expand my knowledge and skills. Now I feel as though every time a child walks in to our home, i’m able to communicate with them on a better level in terms of understanding; which in turn has also helped me greatly in the real world.

Yes there have been a few ups and downs, however, I feel that each time we overcome those obstacles we come back stronger as a family.”

Thank you to Zahraa for sharing your story with us as part of our birth child stories series! And a big thank you to all of our foster siblings, for your hard work, love and support!

Birth Child Stories: Meet Zahraa

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