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Celebrating Achievements

Posted on 8th March 2021 by

Celebrating achievements is something we are very passionate about here at Lorimer Fostering.

We recently heard from one of our foster families about a fantastic achievement made by one of our wonderful young people. Let us tell you all about it below!

One afternoon, this young person was out for a bike ride along a local footpath. He came across a man and a woman, and noticed the man was struggling to breathe. He asked what was wrong and if he could help them at all, and found out the man was diabetic. This very quick thinking young person instructed the lady to place him in the recovery position until the ambulance arrived; showing her how to do this safely. When the paramedics arrived, they said he had done so well. The lady was so grateful for his help and tried to offer the young person a reward, which he refused. She said she wouldn’t forget his kindness and what he had done.

Celebrating Achievements

Celebrating Achievements

It goes without saying that his Foster Carers and all of the team here at Lorimer Fostering are extremely proud of this wonderful achievement. To recognise this, we presented the young person with a very special ‘Well Done’ medal along with some other well earned little treats.

We cannot praise our fab Foster Carers enough for helping to raise such a kind and thoughtful young man. Thank you so much for all of the support you provide to young people on a daily basis!

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