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Children in Need – Foster Children

Posted on 15th November 2013 by

Today is all about Children in Need; the BBC unite each and every person in the UK for one sole purpose….to help raise much needed funds for those children who are in desperate need of help.


However, as I sit here at my desk, I cannot help but further highlight the other needs our children and young people have in the UK. It is not a need for immunisations or for food and warm clothing, although there are a huge number of children in the UK that need our help for this, but a need for a loving family to be a part of and share special times with.


Children and young people that enter the care system for whatever reason, are at times angry that they have been taken away from their birth family and as such lose their way a little. This means that they lose focus on the important things such as schooling and actually enjoying their childhood.


This was certainly the case for one of our young people. When they were first placed with one of our carers they had no belief in the care system, was hurt and angry with the world, they were not attending school and was massively underachieving. However, our carers stuck by them, offered the young person a stable and loving environment in which to grow and worked with other professionals to address the needs of the young person.


It is because of their efforts that the young person is now flourishing and here is a letter the young person wrote about their time with the foster family:

Hand-Written Letter from Foster Child











*I have replaced the carers names with [my foster family] so to keep the identity anonymous.


It is wonderful to see what impact someone can have on a young person’s life and shows how rewarding being a foster carer can be.


If you live in the Manchester, Liverpool or Lancashire areas and you would like more information about becoming a foster carer then please contact us or by submitting your details in the top right corner of the home page and we will call you back.


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