Does my Sexuality Matter if I Want to be Foster Carer / Foster Parent

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Does my Sexuality Matter if I Want to be a Foster Carer?

Posted on 7th March 2014 by

If I am gay can I still foster a child?

Short answer.  Yes, your sexuality doesn’t matter when it comes to being a foster carer / foster parent.

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Many lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) people do believe that their sexuality will be a barrier to fostering or becoming a foster carer.  Figures from recently published studies in England and Scotland serve to highlight this.  Some people believe legislation might prevent it, some are afraid of the reaction and some are even told by their own families they should not become a foster carer / foster parent.

There are many myths and stereotypes out there, which can make the decision to foster if you are LGBT feel more difficult.  But it shouldn’t.  And thankfully, there is very clear legislation surrounding the equal treatment of people, gay or straight, and so the sexuality of a potential foster carer / foster carers should never be a barrier to a child being placed if all their needs are being met.

To become a foster parent, irrespective of your sexuality, a number of things are taken into consideration.  For example, do you have a home and a comfortable room for a child?  Yes?  Then you will move through the application process in the same way as everyone else.

Central to it all is the child:  a child in need of love, care, stability and attention;  a child sometimes with complex emotional, physical and mental needs.  To be a successful foster parent / foster carer you need to demonstrate resilience, be understanding, be patient, work as part of a team and show tolerance.  It is about your experience and ability to care.  Being straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender really isn’t the issue.

Want to make that difference?   Think you have what it takes?  Then talk to us at Lorimer Foster Services.  We can chat in confidence and get things moving.

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