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Ex-Service Members Make Fab Foster Carers

Posted on 10th September 2020 by

Those who have worked in the services will have a lot of the qualities that help to make a fab Foster Carer. There might not seem like it, but there are lots of similarities between both roles! Ex-service members will display a lot of the characteristics that we seek from our foster carers, such as:

  • Calmness
  • Self-discipline
  • Patience
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Resilience
Ex-service Members

When you leave a role in the services, finding new employment can sometimes be tough. While there are a wealth of career paths open to servicemen and women, the idea of fostering vulnerable children and young people as a career is often overlooked.

A life on the frontline may seem far removed from fostering, but it can set military families up with the transferable skills they need to offer a loving and secure home to vulnerable and troubled young people.

When you work in the services, the entire ethos is about supporting one another and working as a team. Foster Carers reflect the same values, using their support network, Social Worker, agency and schools to ensure the best outcome for the young person in their care.

Being a Foster Carer

Fostering can be both tough and challenging. Sometimes, young people can display extreme behaviours and emotions due to loss, change, and negative memories. Some young people in care may have experienced deprivation, extreme neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse in their lives.

With that being said, for every challenge that Foster Carers face, the rewards they receive are much greater. Knowing that you’ve played a part in helping a young person experience a safe environment, where they feel supported and listened to is fulfilling. Through working together, you can help them to develop a more positive outlook of themselves and their future.

For ex-service members, mentoring young people can almost come as second nature. Having already learned how to diffuse difficult situations and use practical ways to manage behaviours, often determined to achieve objectives against all odds.

Foster Carers show the same level of dedication when it comes to their role. They fight for young peoples rights and making sure their views are heard. In all aspects, Foster Carers are there to be strong advocates for the young people they care for.

Get In Touch

If you are a recently retired service member, maybe you should consider becoming a Foster Carer. You could make big a difference in a young persons life.

So, if you feel you have the qualities to become a carer and are interested in finding out more about fostering, there are various ways you can get in touch. You can call, text or WhatsApp Rachael on 07938 575 738; or send an email to foster@lorimerfostering.com. If you would prefer us to call you, please submit your details using the form below; and we’ll get back to you soon!

We would just like to add, that although ex-service members share many of the qualities that we look for in a Foster Carer, that these qualities can be found in abundance elsewhere, too. For anyone who is considering fostering, we would encourage you to get in touch! If you have a spare bedroom, and some space in your heart, this might be the start of your journey.

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