Fathers - Being a Good Role Takes Priority

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Fathers – Being a Good Role Model Takes Priority

Posted on 19th June 2015 by

Being the ‘breadwinner’ for a father is no longer in fashion…it’s official!

With Fathers Day just around the corner, Netmums carried out a survey which revealed that over 1000 mums and dads want devoted fathers rather than high earners.

Although 89% of men felt under pressure to earn a good wage, only 1.5% of women agreed. It appears there is a shift in what women want in a man, with mums now wanting their partners to be hands on dads, above being high earners and career driven.

Traditionally, being the breadwinner was an integral part of the father role. Yet in the Netmums survey of 1075 people, a man’s salary came 8th in the most important jobs for dads, with 83% believing that being a good role model was most important; closely followed by the importance of playing with children and showing good moral guidance.

In order of importance, the survey revealed the top 15 roles for dads are:

  1. To be a role model and show how a good man acts for both boys and girls
  2. Giving kids moral guidance and helping them grow into good people
  3. Playing with kids
  4. Keeping the family safe and secure
  5. Showing kids the value of hard work
  6. Helping kids with hobbies
  7. Teaching kids good manners
  8. Being the breadwinner and earning the money
  9. Helping kids with homework
  10. Laundry and cleaning
  11. Cooking
  12. Driving kids to activities, clubs etc.
  13. Researching for things the family buys (like holidays, cars etc.)
  14. Shopping for the family
  15. Taking care of DIY around the house and garden


Men who care

Netmums Editor in Chief Anne-Marie O’Leary said of the findings: “The dad revolution is a real chance for men to ditch the pressure to be macho, enjoy their children more and get closer to their families.”

From the survey, an average dad’s week involves:

  1. 10 hours – Playing with their children and childcare
  2. 4 hours – Cooking and household chores
  3. 3 hours – Driving children around to school and activities
  4. 2 hours – Shopping and DIY
  5. 1 hour – Helping with homework


Zoe O’Donohoe, Marketing & Development Manager at Lorimer confirmed “We have seen a general increase in the number of males taking on the main foster carer role, whether that be as part of a couple or as a single male. This shift is a positive one for fostering services as it confirms that society is becoming more accepting of ‘men who care’ and recognising the importance of helping children and young people to grow up with a good perspective on the role of men in society”.

So let’s celebrate the fantastic role father’s play in our life and show them just how much they mean to us this Father’s Day! Happy Father’s Day!


If you feel you would make a fantastic role model for fostered children and young people then please submit your details or call (freephone) on 0800 038 7799.



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