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Foster Care Fortnight 2013

Posted on 14th May 2013 by

From 13th May through to the 26th May sees fostering services from all over the UK unite for Foster Care Fortnight™. The Fostering Network is the brainchild behind the annual Foster Care Fortnight™ campaign and they continually work hard in championing the need for around 9,000* carers across the UK to provide loving and supportive homes for vulnerable children.

Each year The Fostering Network adapt a theme to Foster Care Fortnight™; this year they are inviting people to ‘Get in the Frame’! Celebrities have already put themselves in the frame by showing their support of the annual campaign, here is what Lorraine Pascal, celebrity baker, had to say:

Lorraine Pascal

Celebrity baker and television personality Lorraine Pascale has thrown her support, and indeed her words on her experiences in foster care, behind Foster Care Fortnight.

I’m putting myself in the frame during the Fostering Network’s Foster Care Fortnight because I want people to know that great foster carers helped me when I needed someone to be there for me the most.

Growing up in and around the care system isn’t easy. So if you think you can be there for some of the UK’s most vulnerable children then go on, I urge you, put yourself in the frame today and consider being a foster carer.“*


The Fostering Network have created a board on Pinterest where you take a look at who has put themselves in the frame and you can also up-load your own ‘Get in the Frame’ pic here.

Fostering services up and down the country will be organising various advertising events to raise awareness for the need of more foster carers and Lorimer Foster Services will not be going unnoticed! Please keep your eyes and ears open for more information.

*From information shared by The Fostering Network specifically for Foster Care Fortnight™


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