Can you be a Foster Carer for Teenagers?

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Can you be a Foster Carer for Teenagers?

Posted on 21st January 2015 by

Do you remember what it was like to be a teenager? The explosive mix of hormones, the endless possibilities and opportunities, hours of homework and stressful exams, people to see and places to go. Learning to stand on your own two feet and developing independence can be hard enough. But being a teenager in care can make it even more daunting and difficult.

Key skills needed to foster teenagersFoster Carer with 2 teenagers reading

There is an urgent need for foster carers for teenagers across the UK. Fostering a teenager does require particular skills to carry out what can be a very varied and challenging job – patience, sensitivity to their situation, tolerance and determination are essential.  It is your role to provide stability, safety and secure boundaries, while also encouraging them to spread their wings and experience different things.

It is certainly a challenging career but is it also extremely rewarding; knowing that you are helping a young person develop confidence and self-esteem, resolve their problems and make plans for the future.

3/5 fostering services seeking foster carers for teenagers

According to a survey carried out by The Fostering Network 3 out of 5 fostering services are desperately seeking foster carers to make sure that teenagers can be found the homes they need. And the situation is not improving – with a staggering 98 per cent of foster services looking for more foster carers for teenagers than last year.

Teenagers need opportunities to thrive

To provide them the stability and support to further their education, embark on a career and manage their emotions in what is often a testing time of their life, it is essential that foster families are urgently found and prospective foster carers come forward. Can you offer a teenager the stability to thrive and the love and support they need to achieve their potential?

Robert Tapsfield, Chief Executive of the Fostering Network has said: “Some teenagers in care have faced trauma beyond what can be comprehended by most of us. This means skilled foster carers are urgently needed to help them overcome their trauma, and to help them develop their self-esteem and expectations so that they can achieve their full potential.”

At Lorimer Fostering we are working hard throughout the North West to recruit foster carers with the right skills so that each child who needs it can have the support they need and deserve. If you think you have what it takes and would like to discuss this more then you can either leave your details on the form at the top of this page or you can call us on (Freephone) 0800 038 7799.


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