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Help us Find a Family for our Fostering Community

Posted on 20th May 2022 by

Did you know that it’s Foster Care Fortnight? Every year, The Fostering Network ask everyone involved in the fostering community to promote fostering around a theme. This years theme is #FosteringCommunities. 

A national shortage of Foster Carers means this is a great time for anyone considering fostering to get involved. The Fostering Network estimates a need for around 7000 more foster families this year.

At Lorimer, we know it’s vital for each young person to be cared for in a safe and loving home. To make sure this is possible, we’re asking our Foster Carers to encourage more people to consider fostering. This will help to build our #FosteringCommunity. 

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Those of you who are already Foster Carers will know that, alongside the challenges of caring for our most vulnerable young people there is also huge rewards! Positively impacting the life of a child is one of the many reasons why our committed carers do the job. We want you to help us to spread this message and actively encourage other caring and passionate people in your local community to join the #FosteringCommunity. 

Have a think about when you and your family first decided to get involved in Fostering; what was it that helped you to take that step? We all know there are many misconceptions about who can be a Foster Carer; by sharing your knowledge and experiences with other people you will be helping to breakdown the barriers to Fostering. This will increase the number of children with the chance to experience childhood in an environment where they can flourish! 

Why join our Fostering Community?

We have something special here at Lorimer; we are a small, family run Independent Fostering Agency and we pride ourselves on providing individualised support through our highly experienced team. Lorimer have the expertise and ability to provide lots more homes for children and young people, we just need families to join our fostering community. 

We’re sure there are lots more people out there who would love to open their hearts and homes to young people when they need it most; and we would love to help the fostering community grow in any way that we can. 

We have resources available for any Foster Carers who are spreading to word about Lorimer and being a Foster Carer – and if you have any ideas about how we can continue to find new families to join our #Fostering Community at Lorimer please feel free to contact us! 

Find a Family – Marketing Pack 

If you can help us by promoting our Find a Family to others, you can use this useful marketing pack we have put together. It includes lots of images, videos, phrases & tips for you to post on your social media pages. 

Just click here to view and download the content that is available. 

Referral Form 

If you know someone who is interested in fostering, please submit their details using the form below (with their permission). We will get in touch with them as soon as we can to discuss becoming a Foster Carer with Lorimer. 

As a thank you, you’ll receive: 

  • £100 when they start their assessment and 
  • a further £900 when they are approved as Foster Carers 

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