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Fostering could fill your Empty Nest

Posted on 23rd September 2022 by

In September lots of young people head off to university to start their next big adventure. Around this time of year there will be many parents, carers and guardians who find themselves experiencing ‘empty nest syndrome‘. For most, this feeling usually happens when the youngest child has moved out and left the family home. It is described as, ‘sadness or emotional distress affecting parents whose children have grown up and left home.’

Although children are brought up to to be independent, it can sometimes be a difficult experience when they are finally old enough to fly the nest. Whilst some will welcome the thought of having more spare time and the house to themselves; there are others who will dislike the quietness and miss having children in the home.

When your youngest has grow up and left home it can really feel like the end of an era; but it could also be the start of a brand new chapter in your own life.

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There are lots of different ways to tackle empty nest syndrome, such as taking up a new hobby or starting a new career; but for many, this could be the perfect time to consider fostering. Opening up your heart and your home to a young person in need could be the best decision you ever make.

Every year, thousands more foster families are needed across England; to ensure that each young person is able to live with the right family for them. There is currently a need for around 8,100 more foster families in England. Sadly, this means there are at least the same number of young people who are waiting for the right family to care for them.

Here at Lorimer, we think empty nesters make great Foster Carers. As someone whose children have moved out or gone to university; you will already have many of the necessary skills needed to care for a young person. You will be empathetic and encouraging, whilst understanding the need to nurture a child in all aspects of their life; both emotionally and in their education.

Fostering young people is such a rewarding thing to do; knowing that you are helping to make positive changes in their lives. Lorimer Foster Carers Annette and Graham discussed fostering because once their own children had grown up they still wanted to make a difference, “once our kids had grown up we wanted to help other, not so lucky kids”; you can read more about their journey on our carer stories page. They have found their experience to be really rewarding.


Could your empty nest make a loving home for a child who can’t be cared for by their birth family? Get in touch with Lorimer Fostering to find out more today. Our agency has been at the heart of fostering for over 10 years; supporting amazing families to love and care for hundreds of young people and changing many lives along the way. Could you be the next member of our ever-growing family?

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