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Fostering Poem | Fostering – By Ashley M. Ackerman

Posted on 4th October 2019 by

Fostering Poem

Yesterday was National Poetry Day, so we are a little late to the party! But we wanted to share this heartwarming fostering poem with you that was passed on to us by one of our lovely foster carers. In her own words, “It just says it all.” And we agree! Have a read of the fantastic fostering poem below:


by Ashley M. Ackerman

Be careful they told me,

You might get hurt.

I was surprised by the unkind words

So many people would blurt.


‘Can’t you have kids… you know, ones of your own?’

‘If you adopt from foster care they’ll have issues when they’re grown.’

‘I could never foster; my heart is too big…’

‘I could never let them go.’

Those words cut and dig.


So let me get this straight, you have a big heart?

Too big to love a child, and give them a good start?


I’m sorry; you’ve got it wrong… you’re sadly mistaken.


To love a child is a miraculous thing

It’s an unimaginable blessing that fostering brings.

Of course it would hurt to let go or say goodbye.

I don’t do this for me though, i’m not afraid to cry.

I do this for the kids, who need loving, stable homes,

Kids who are in the system, by no fault of their own.

This world is full of devastating pain,

broken bones… broken homes… broken hearts…

To me it’s really plain.


As long as their is breath in my lungs,

And as long as there is a beat in my heart,

I’ll love my foster kids, present and future,

Whether we’re together or one day we part.

To me this is the ultimate unconditional, parental love,

And it’s the most amazing privilege I could possibly think of.


We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we did! If you would like to read stories from our own foster carers about their experiences of fostering, follow this link.


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