Fostering vs Adoption; answers to your most common questions

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Fostering vs Adoption

Posted on 4th November 2013 by

Fostering vs Adoption

Fostering vs Adoption

As an independent fostering agency we often receive enquiries from people who are unsure about whether to become a Foster Carer or an adoptive parent. So we thought it might be helpful for us to highlight the main differences between fostering and adoption; in the hope to assist you in making the right choice for you and your wider family.


There are many differences between being a Foster Carer and an adoptive parent, some insignificant and some major.

So, What is Adoption?

Adoption is a legal process where a court permanently transfers all parental rights and responsibilities from the family that the child was born, to the new adoptive family. The adopted child becomes part of your family and takes your family surname as if they were your own birth child.

What is Fostering?

Fostering is a way of providing family life for someone else’s child on a short or long term basis; as they are unable to live with their birth family at that time. Foster Carers play the role of a parent but legal responsibility remains with the Local Authority and/or their birth parents.

Fostering vs Adoption – which is right for my family?

While some people would be comfortable with the temporary nature of being a Foster Carer and can say goodbye to the foster children once they move on, others will be looking for a more permanent relationship that adoption provides. This is something that you and your family should try to consider together.

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