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Fun Autumn Activities for Young People

Posted on 23rd October 2020 by

It’s October, and Autumn is well and truly under way! The crisp, fresh air brings new opportunities for family fun and bonding with your foster child. As young people settle into the new school year, many of them start looking for new activities to keep them busy. Whilst things might be a little different this year due to local restrictions, there are still plenty of activities you can do together!

Here are some of our favourite fun Autumn activities to do with young people.

Bake Some Autumn Treats

Fun Autumn Activities for Young People - Baking

While the Great British Bake Off consumes our Tuesday evenings once again, why not get inspired and bake your own autumn treats with your foster children. This time of year is a great for baking delicious treats, whether you choose to bake a warm and gooey apple pie, or some sticky pumpkin muffins, there is always something fun to bake as the nights draw in! If you’re stuck for ideas, or just want to check out some recipes, head over to the Great British Chefs website here.

Get crafty

Fun Autumn Activities for Young People - Crafting

There are lots of autumn-related crafts that can be really fun to do with your foster child! This time of year is great for making themed items such as hats and gloves, candles, or even beaded jewellery. Making these things with your foster child is another opportunity for you to bond – and they will feel great making items that are practical and useful!

Family Fun Nights

Fun Autumn Activities for Young People - Movie Night
While many families want to hold family fun nights, it rarely happens. So, why not invite your foster child to plan a family fun night? Let them decide on the activities for an evening, and what you should eat etc. You can play board games, watch movies, go for a walk – there are lots of options! By letting your teen plan the evening, they will be more keen to get involved.

Take a Walk in Nature

Fun Autumn Activities for Young People - Walking in Nature

Get on your hats, scarfs & wellies and take a walk through a local park or woods. The great outdoors is beautiful this time of year, with brightly coloured leaves of red, yellow and green covering the trees. You could even fill up a nice warm flask of hot chocolate or tea to take out with you! It’s a great way to pass some time and get out and enjoy each others company.

Can you think of any other fun autumn activities for young people to do during these months? We’d love you to share them with us below in the comments!

Note: please make sure you are following the current Government guidelines for your local area. 

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