Louise's Story: From a Friend to a Foster Carer

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Louise’s Story – From a Friend to a Foster Carer

Posted on 3rd July 2014 by

Louise’s story….

Louise's Story

When I was a teenager, a friend of mine went into care. Being so young, I didn’t understand what was happening to her so I felt terrified. However, seeing her spend time with carers who were kind, compassionate and supportive, I saw Foster Care and all it encompassed completely differently.

Following her experience and seeing the wholesome benefits, I felt foster caring was something I would consider at some point in my life. After spending a few years with my partner, and having a stable relationship, we decided the time was right and applied to become Foster Carers.

Over the years we have fostered many young people, ranging from 5 weeks to 17 and a half years old. There have been great successes with all of our placements- although some have been more successful than others. We have rehabilitated children with their families and also on to permanent placements. We’ve supported a teenager who had been out of school for a number of months, only to return more confident and secure. He eventually achieved good GCSE grades, securing a place at college.

We are happy to be in regular contact with several of our previous placements, and recently were thrilled to welcome our second honorary granddaughter into the family. It was so rewarding to watch a young lady confidently planning for her second baby, with full support from her partner. It made us very proud to have been part of her life. At her daughter’s birth I was invited to ‘cut the cord.’ It was a huge privilege to be part of such a wonderful, incredible experience.

Whilst fostering is hard work physically and emotionally, it is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. I am passionate about fostering, and I plan to continue caring for children for many years to come. I really couldn’t see myself doing anything else!

If you’re interested in becoming a foster carer and have room in your heart and your home to help children and young people contact us by either calling us on 0800 038 7799 (this is our Freephone number) or submitting your details in the ‘Request a Call Back’ section.


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