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Mother’s Day! Fostering?

Posted on 17th March 2014 by

Pausing for thought. Maybe. Just maybe? Fostering? Foster Carer?

Maybe you are already a mummy, a mum, a mother. Maybe you are not. Maybe you want to be. Maybe your children are grown up and have left home. Maybe your home has never seen children. Maybe you’ve considered foster care? Maybe you’ve never heard of fostering?

Maybe you are a grandma, a grannie, a nana.

Maybe you are an aunt or an auntie.

Fostering? Maybe? (in Manchester? in Liverpool? in Lancashire? or just anywhere in the North West)

Maybe, just maybe, on this Mothers Day you will take a moment to think about someone, maybe a fostered child, who would benefit from some extra love, care and attention. Motherly ‘type’ love. A vulnerable child in care whose real mummy maybe just can’t manage to be their mummy right now. For whatever reason. Sometimes the reasons really don’t matter. The impact is that a child is in need of a foster home and could do with some help. Your help.

Maybe you just feel you have a little extra of you to give. Give something back. Share something. And walking through the supermarket as we build up to Mother’s Day, it just sort of adds to the poignancy. Seeing all those cards, flowers and chocolates lined up waiting to be bought. And there is you, pausing for thought to think about a child in need who maybe wants to buy something special from the shelf but just, well, just can’t.

Bottom line …it doesn’t really matter if you are a mummy, mum, grannie, nana, aunt or aunty. Or none of these. You just need to be you. Be resilient, be patient, be understanding and have lots and lots of love to give. These qualities really can make a difference and help a vulnerable child.

So on this Mother’s Day, please take a moment to pause for thought and think whether you fostering might be for you?




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