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Smooth Radio Fostering Advert – Teenagers – Video

Posted on 27th February 2014 by

Fostering Manchester Series

Our latest Lorimer Smooth Radio fostering advert will resonate with those of you who have had teenagers, either your own children or  fostering teenagers / foster a teenager. We’ve been there, the emotions and the frustration of being a teenager but also those breakthroughs where you see you are really making a difference in a teenagers life.

Fostering / Foster a Teenager

Many people envision fostering a baby but this is actually quite rare, the children who regularly get placed are a little older and also teenagers. Being a teenager is a tough time in terms of changes with their lives and bodies, hormones are raging and it can be a very confusing time. However as a parent of teenagers, understanding this is half the battle and being a foster parent to a teenager means you are giving them the stability and support they need the most.

Fostering teenagers is an incredibly rewarding career, and those special moments start off few and far between become more regular as they learn to feel safe with you. You can make a real difference in a teenagers life, if you think you are interested in being a foster carer to a teenager please get in touch today.


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