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Smooth Radio Fostering Advert – Open the Door to Fostering – Video

Posted on 27th February 2014 by

Fostering Manchester Series

Our latest Lorimer Fostering advert on Smooth Radio is now being played; want to make your life more exciting? Open your door to fostering!

At Lorimer Foster services we are actively looking for new foster carers to take children from Manchester, Liverpool, Lancashire and Cheshire and beyond. We deal with all of the North West and there are children in these areas waiting for foster carers, if you think that you will make a great foster carer then get in touch today.

Foster Care in the North West

Fostering is an exciting career, you get to see the world through a child’s eyes and become a responsible role model to children who are searching for stability and guidance. Don’t be bogged down with a boring job or a 9 to 5 if you don’t want to, get out by bringing in a child to your home.

We had a lot of success recruiting more foster carers from the Christmas Smooth FM radio advert but fostering is not just for Christmas we are always looking for good homes to take in children who need some time either for a short term or long term placement. Our smooth FM radio advert can be heard all over the North West but if you haven’t heard it yet you can click on the Video and listen to the radio advert.


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