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Support through the Hard Times

Posted on 25th March 2013 by

When you have had a bad day you let off steam by either picking up the phone to a friend, turning to a loved one for advice or you may even search online for help. What you are doing is demonstrating that you recognise off-loading can really help to de-stress!

When you become a Foster Carer there are only a few people that can actually understand what you are going through and what difficulties you can experience as a Foster Carer; those few people are other carers, members of your household and your Social Worker.

Social Workers are there to listen, offer reassurance, support, guide and be there during those times when you need to off load. This then enables you, the Foster Carer, to have a clear mind to work through any issues you may be having with the young person in your care.

Being a Foster Carer with Lorimer Foster Services means that you receive the high level of support needed, not only through the good times (and there are plenty) but through the difficult times also. Here is what one of our carers had to say:

“The true test of any support mechanism isn’t when everything is going well, it’s when things are going wrong.

Even prior to the placement braking down, Lorimer had been extremely supportive in helping us design strategies to deal with our foster child’s behaviour. However when the difficult decision came; they were prepared for it. Excellent communication, support and understanding, and practical sensitive advice”.

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