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Teachers Make Fab Foster Carers

Posted on 20th March 2020 by

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Teaching professionals across the UK do everything they can to help make a difference to the lives of young people. Many who teach may not realise that they have the skills to become a foster carer, but there are huge similarities between the motivation to teach and to foster.

Teachers and Foster Carers both share the aim of wanting to help young people improve their lives. Both professions are also rewarded by seeing young people thrive and make positive progress, no matter how big or small. So, it may not come as a surprise to learn that many Foster Carers have backgrounds in education.

An Urgent Need

At the moment, there is an urgent need for more foster families to come forward and care for vulnerable children. There is a national shortage of homes who are able to provide a safe and stable environment for those in need. In the current climate there are, in the UK alone, over 65,000 children and young people in care, and there is a major shortage of about 8,600 Foster Carers.

That’s why we’re asking you to consider whether you might have the skills needed to help make a difference. As a Teacher, you will have gained the understanding that makes becoming a Foster Carer an easy transition. There are so many different qualities that make a great candidate for fostering, many of which are shared by Teachers. Some of these include:

  • being understanding
  • having patience
  • being empathetic
  • showing resilience
  • being adaptable
  • having good listening skills
  • being kind and caring

If fostering a young person in need is something you would consider; our team would like to be there to help. We will ensure you are provided with all of the support and training you need to help you progress and develop in a way that is right for you. We will be there to guide you, and help you find out what will work for you and your family.

Get In Touch

If you are a recently retired Teacher, or perhaps a Teacher looking for a change in career, then maybe you should consider becoming a Foster Carer.

So, if you have a background in education and are interested in finding out more about fostering, there are various ways you can get in touch with us.  You can either make an online enquiry or call, text or WhatsApp Rachael on  07938 575 738; or send an email to foster@lorimerfostering.com. If you would prefer us to call you, please submit your details using the form below; and we’ll get back to you soon!

We would just like to add, that although Teachers share many of the qualities that we look for in a Foster Carer, that these qualities can be found in abundance elsewhere, too. For anyone who is considering fostering, we would encourage you to get in touch! If you have a spare bedroom, and some space in your heart, this might be the start of your journey.


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