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Top Free Places to Visit in Cheshire (Fostering Cheshire / Foster Carers Cheshire Series)

Posted on 22nd January 2014 by

Fostering Cheshire Series | Foster Carers Cheshire

Following on from the ‘Have Fun for Free!’ theme captured in this weeks blogs I want to focus on the Cheshire region today! So if you live in and around the Cheshire area or are just visiting for the day here are a few ideas you, as Foster Carers, can take the children and young people for the day….without breaking the bank! (Fostering Cheshire Series)

I have to say ‘Cheshire Ice Cream Farm’ is a firm favourite in our house….although best kept for the warmer weather!

So lot’s of ideas for you there that could keep you all busy for weeks! Remember to keep a look out for other areas coming up this week along with indoor activity/craft ideas for days when the weather doesn’t permit days out.

If you have visited any other areas in the Cheshire region that you feel are worth mentioning then please leave a comment below.


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