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Training for Foster Carers at Lorimer

Posted on 8th July 2022 by

Training for Foster Carers at Lorimer

This week, we are looking at the training program for Foster Carers at Lorimer. Learning and developing skills is an important part of being a Foster Carer. This begins during Assessment and continues annually; some is mandatory and other courses are shaped to fit the needs of you and the child you care for. 

Training is embedded into your role as a Foster Carer. To care for young people, you often need special skills as well as love and stability. This is why everyone should see Foster Caring as a respected career, beyond simply parenting. Believe us, training will empower you and give you the confidence to be your best! 

Not only that, Foster Carers need to be compliant with regulations – and training helps with that. But don’t panic!! This is not as scary as it sounds; it’s just the same as with any other job working with children.  

Skills to Foster 

This will probably be your first taste of Foster Carer training. The training takes place in two or three sessions during your assessment. Skills to Foster is mandatory for all prospective Foster Carers. It will introduce you to key topics such as: 

  • What do Foster Carers Do 
  • Identity and Life Chances 
  • Working with Others 
  • Understanding and Caring for Children 
  • Safer Caring 
  • Transitions 

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, all training has been online including Skills to Foster. Lorimer are working to bring face to face training back. So if you’re thinking about applying with us, you might be one of the first to do this! However the course is delivered, your trainer will be able to answer lots of questions you may have. It’s a great introduction to our training for Foster Carer!  

If you would like to find out more about Skills to Foster training, click here.

Mandatory Training 

As an approved Foster Carer (hurray!) there are courses you must complete. This is to make sure that you have all the right skills to care for a child. Some of them also make sure that your home is safe for Foster Caring.  

  • Mandatory courses include: 
  • Paediatric First Aid 
  • Safeguarding 
  • Safer Caring 
  • Equality and Diversity 
  • Internet Safety 
  • Managing Challenging Behaviour 

Your Lorimer Supervising Social Worker will help you to decide what other training you might need. You are encouraged to request subjects of interest to you! In addition to face to face and live online training, there is also access to a Training Hub where you can complete courses in your own time. This is especially useful for those carers who work along side fostering. 

Personal Development Plan (PDP) 

Each year your Lorimer Social Worker will help you to plan out a Personal Development Plan. This will set out what training you want as well as what you need. Your PDP will be a collaborative agreement between you and Lorimer to commit to and complete training as needed. 

At your Foster Care Annual Review, training may be recommended or mandated. This will reflect your existing skillset and the needs of the young people in your care. This is then incorporated into your PDP. 

All this may sound a bit daunting; but our Foster Carers usually find that they love the training element of the role! Lorimer aims to be an agency with a culture of learning and development for all staff and carers. If the idea of paid training excites you – get in touch! 

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