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Triumph for Our Young People

Posted on 6th December 2013 by

The Fostering Network continuously campaign for better outcomes for Foster Carers and fostered young people and their latest campaign was an absolute triumph!

The Don’t Move Me campaign, which was tirelessly promoted by the Fostering Network and supported by thousands upon thousands of people who are in the fostering sector has been a success! The main objective for the campaign was for the Government to acknowledge and agree an amendment to the Children and Families Bill allowing fostered young people in England to stay with their Foster Carers until the age of 21 years. This is currently set to 18 years.

The Government discussed the campaign and they approved the amendment to the Children and Families Bill!!

Here is what Robert Tapsfield, Chief Executive of Fostering Network had to say*:

“We are absolutely thrilled with this change in legal duty for local authorities, backed up with appropriate financial support, that will ensure that young people in England have the opportunity to enter adulthood supported by the foster families that have devoted their lives to caring for them.

“The Fostering Network, together with its members and young people, has campaigned tirelessly on this issue for many years. The evidence has always shown that it will make real change for young people who have previously faced the prospect of living alone too soon, and we congratulate the Government and in particular the children’s minister Edward Timpson for taking positive and constructive action.

“This issue has not been resolved for young people in Wales and Scotland, but we will continue to campaign for this change in the law to be replicated. The next stage of this work begins today with the launch of the Chance to Stay campaign in the Senedd, where we hope that the Welsh Government will also be persuaded of the benefits of allowing young people to stay until 21.”

*Reported from Fostering Network

Lorimer Foster Services were supporters of this campaign and we are equally delighted…Well Done everyone who helped!

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