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The UK’s most prolific Foster Carer

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In 1967 Sue Farrell found herself pregnant at the age of sixteen, unmarried and faced with no alternative than to give her son up for adoption due to the social stigma of the situation at that time.  Nowadays teenage pregnancies are commonplace with a network of support in place for young mothers in this situation, but sadly Sue was advised to give up her child rather than face the possible shame on her family.


Sue went on to marry her husband John and, inspired by her tragic experience they opened their home in 1984 to foster children who were in need of a home, along with their own two children Justin and Mandy. Since then Sue and her husband have gone on to foster over 100 children, becoming the UK’s most prolific foster carers.


Sue’s grandmother, who was upset when she discovered that Sue had given up her son for adoption said that she would have helped her had she known, had also been a foster carer since 1953.


Over the years Sue and her family have provided over 100 children with a safe and loving home. She has since had a happy ending of her own, tracing her own son Stuart that she gave up years before, and was overjoyed that he had been well cared for during his childhood.



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